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Organic MCT Oil
Pure CBD Isolate

From the farm, to the lab to you. We carefully monitor and evaluate our hemp at every step of it’s path from the farm to you.

All our hemp is grown outdoors using organic fertilizers and soil amendments.

Carefully harvested dried and then milled to the proper size for our labs to handle.

Using super cold ethanol for extraction, our raw hemp oil can be used right out of the bottle. However we prefer to remove all THC from our products so you aren’t worrying about a failed drug test or any side effects, however slight.

Once the extracted oil is filtered and refined, we then crystallize it to purify the cbd even further. This is what we put in every ORAI Wellness Essentials product.

Our DIY approach to consumer products means you get exactly what you are paying for, mixed by you to the strength you desire. Purity guaranteed with a Lab Test certificate code on every product that lets you see for yourself….even test it yourself if you choose.

Here are some of the products we are working on right now. Contact us if you’d like to be notified when they are available.

ORAI Hydrating Face Cream

Our Hydrating face cream contains 2000mg of CBD as well as hydroluronic acid and feels like a cool breeze on your skin.

ORAI Sports Cream

This penetrating “sports” cream is designed for aching muscles and joints. With a cool icy fresh clean feel, this potent and effective cream contains 2000mg of CBD

Ionized Hemp Extract

Unlike any product you have ever seen, this patented product is a concentrated cbd product for adding to anything from tinctures to beverages. Completely water soluble and yes it’s purple…until you add a little bit of lemon or lime juice.

No flavor, only potent cbd that works fast.


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