Single ORAI 1000mg Tincture Kit

There are 2 really big concerns when you are buying CBD products: is it pure and am I getting what I’m paying for.  Our CBD Tincture kit lets you to control your dosage, be secure in the purity of what you are using and get what you are paying for. We know you’re going to enjoy the benefits of our CBD, but we also know you may want to try us before you opt in to our monthly delivery service.

While we use it without any additional flavoring (just mct oil and cbd), you can use any food safe flavoring that you desire!

ORAI-MCT1000 – 1000mg Tincture Kit


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Every kit contains 1 1000mg vial of pure CBD Isolate derived from Hemp grown on Federally compliant and licensed farms.. We also include a link to the Certificate of Authenticity for the batch of isolate yours was measured from so you can see exactly what you are getting.

Since CBD dissolves in oil, not water, we include 20ml of Organic MCT Oil in the dark glass dropper bottle as the carrier for the cbd.

Simply add the CBD Isolate into the dropper bottle using the included mixing funnel, seal it and shake till dissolved.  You now have a neutral flavored CBD Tincture base.

Pure . Natural . Perfect

Every ml of tincture (after mixing in the CBD) contains 33.3mg of CBD. 1ml = about 20 drops. This means you can control exactly how much CBD you want each time you use it.

We Use Only Organic MCT Oil!

Welcome to the family, you’ll be glad you found us!