Life Force Assurance provides access and funding for all health and wellness treatments, practices, services, protocols, devices, technology, and products. This is provided at no cost to all users and providers.

Life Force Assurance provides coverage for all types of holistic treatments, medical procedures, and preventative care. Health practitioners are reimbursed instantly, we are vetting the highest quality care providers with a focus on holistic and integrative medicine and treatments.

Life Force Assurance is the evolution of Health Insurance. Unlike expensive insurance that is available in the event that you get sick, Assurance assures that you stay healthy. GHWC is funding these services out of each nation state’s portion of the Global Repository, managed by the Global Peace and Restoration Consortium of Member States.

GHWC and the Life Force Assurance program represents the biggest shift in the history of health care. Life Force Assurance is in development on a global scale, we will keep you posted on progress as things get closer. For more information on Assurance, go here (Assurance website/portal).