The Global Health & Wellness Consortium is the organization that enables all Living Beings on Earth the highest possible levels of health, wellness and vitality. Our initiatives consider each and every person as their own unique ecosystem within the context of the role they play as part of the Sovereign Collective. We coexist in the same place and time to create the common energy and life force essential for progress or destruction. As part of this common reality we have similar requirements essential to maintain optimal health. Each of us is a universe unto ourselves with distinctive attributes, physical chemistry, cultural norms, personal experiences, and relative expectations. These factors are carefully considered in the efforts, programs, investments, and projects supported by the Global Health and Wellness Consortium.


GHWC and the Life Force Assurance program represents the biggest shift in the history of health care. Life Force Assurance is in development on a global scale, we will keep you posted on progress as things get closer. For more information on Assurance, go here (Assurance website/portal).

Access and Funding

Life Force Assurance provides access and funding for all health and wellness treatments, practices, services, protocols, devices, technology, and products. This is provided at no cost to all users and providers.


Life Force Assurance provides coverage for all types of holistic treatments, medical procedures, and preventative care. Health practitioners are reimbursed instantly, we are vetting the highest quality care providers with a focus on holistic and integrative medicine and treatments.

Evolution of Health Insurance

Life Force Assurance is the evolution of Health Insurance. Unlike expensive insurance that is available in the event that you get sick, Assurance assures that you stay healthy. GHWC is funding these services out of each nation state's portion of the Global Repository, managed by the Global Peace and Restoration Consortium of Member States.


Pet Assurance

Life Force Pet Assurance provides access and funding for all medical and wellness treatments and products for pets worldwide. It includes all necessary veterinarian services such as office visits, medical treatments, procedures, surgeries, diagnostics, testing, therapies, and products such as pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements to include dogs, cats, birds and horses. This program does not cover livestock or undomesticated animals, Provided at no cost to all.

Life Essentials

Life Force Essentials covers essential items for families such as food, diapers, personal care items, household cleaning items and childcare for families in need worldwide. It also includes long-term care for the elderly, special needs children and adults, maternity leave, paternity leave, recovery pay for time off to recover from a serious operation or procedure as well as childcare during that time off to recover. Provided at no cost to all.



This order declares the Covid-19 vaccines biohazardous waste and orders all vaccines to be halted and destroyed immediately. Read the full order.


This order declares masks to be unsafe and ineffective at preventing the spread of Covid-19. All mask mandates are declared illegal. Wearing a mask is a choice.


This order lists out all the recommended safe and effective treatments to use for Covid-19 or variants. It holds all medical personnel liable for withholding said treatments.