Life Force Assurance is the evolution of Health Insurance. Unlike insurance that is available in the event that you get sick, Assurance assures that you stay healthy. Life Force Assurance is in its testing stage to work out the details, but it is a product that will be provided to everyone free of charge.

Life Force Assurance provides coverage for all types of holistic treatments, medical procedures, and preventative care. Health practioners are reimbursed instantly, and people are guaranteed to receive the highest quality care from all Life Force Assurance care givers.


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The COVID Vaccine is an experimental treatment that has been identified as BioHazardous Medical Waste by the Global Health and Wellness Consortium. Many people have received the vaccine as recommended by alleged health organizations like the WHO, and the CDC.

Many experts in the medical field have concluded that the damages of the mRNA operating system carrying the Spike Protein into the blood stream and causing a potentially toxic build up in the organs, was an irreversible condition. However, we have proven treatments and protocols that we recommend for all those who have received the vaccine to help you make a full recovery to optimal health.


The practice of holistic healing is much more expansive and impactful than traditional western medicine. Unfortunately, the previous Health Care model didn’t allow people to explore the extensive options, amazing techniques, and endless possibilities, steering people towards costly pharmaceutical options and dismissing the value of ancient healing practices that have advanced far beyond the alleged healing options covered by insurance.

We understand the full scope and value of all types of healing practices and Life Force Assurance covers the cost to ensure you can maintain optimal health, rather than allow a condition to advance where more extreme options are the only options.


Life Force Assurance allows Doctors to use their expertise in medicine and their knowledge of the patient’s condition to decide what is the best course of treatment. They will not be limited by coverage options and preapprovals while their patient and staff waste precious time trying to get reimbursed for medication. Even at the pharmacy, reimbursement is immediate and if the Doctor prescribes it, then it’s covered.

We require our Physicians to do continuing medical and holistic education to ensure they are making the best recommendations for the patients in their care. All physicians are eligible for reimbursement just by logging into our portal.

This represents the biggest shift in the history of health care. We believe that Health Care should actually care about your health.