Detoxing is the Answer. One of our wellness experts, Dr. Edward Group, focuses on cleansing and detoxing the body. He says that is the way to health, especially since we all have so many harmful organisms in our body. He has been specializing in this for over 20 years. The key, he says, is doing the cleanses in order. Start with your colon to ensure that is clear as it will be the main passageway for the remaining detoxes. Then move onto the liver, where many parasites can actually hide out for years! Many parasite cleanses will not get the ones in the liver. Once the liver is clear, then you move on to the harmful organism cleanse for clearing out all parasites, candida, etc. And finally the chemical and heavy metal detox as the parasites, once dead, can release harmful toxins and heavy metals and they may remain in your system after they are removed. 

Detoxing also seems to work on helping those with vaccine repair as well as the shedding from the vaccinated. Dr. Group has a 12-day intense protocol for that and it seems to have worked for many people around the world. For information on his detox protocols, go here: