By Cynthia Luanne Sharp

If you are like me, you have been interested in and researching health and wellness for quite some time. Have you noticed reoccurring themes, or patterns in the stories and recommendations from people dealing with health concerns? I have. These could originate from anyone really: ranging from the professionally trained and certified to that of a concerned young new mother. I have grouped these together in a loosely formed outline of the patterns from my observations; an approach, if you will.

We will delve deeper into each one later, but for now, here are the major categories of the journey towards health and wellness. It is an approach to consider following.

The Steps Toward Optimal Health

  1. Assess the current situation is the first phase. “What are we working with?” “Where are we?” Just like in the beginning of any journey, we have to know where we are, in order to map out the way to our destination. While assessing is part of every phase of the journey, it best characterizes this step.
    You know you are in this phase when you are first becoming aware of negative symptoms. Or, you have received surprising test results causing concern. Unfortunately, some people are REALLY good at ignoring their symptoms until they are in a crisis health situation. Their health stage could be called “Fighting for Survival” at the worse. At best, this is the “Examine Stage”.  You first become aware of a problem; something is off. You look to see what is there, identifying the issues or symptoms.  You take the appropriate tests perhaps. For the sake of illustration, in a made up dashboard, let’s say that optimal health is gaged on a scale from 0-10, view this stage as operating at a negative level.
  1. Cleanse or detox is the next phase. This involves eliminating the filth, toxins, what is harmful, what no longer serves. In this phase we want to Stop the Damage, stop the harm, say goodbye, declutter. (Notice there may be a correlation between this and other parts of our lives!) GET those toxins OUT of your body! (out of your home! out of your life!) These toxins could be anything from parasites, heavy metals and chemicals to disempowering thoughts and harmful relationships with other people.
    This is the “Elimination Stage”. It takes away the factors causing the operation to be below zero.
  1. Repair phase is next. This is where we fix what was injured, harmed, broken, or damaged, getting “back to zero”. In this stage you are getting back to normal function. This is like patching up a hole in a wooden barrel using Duct Tape. The barrel no longer leaks or loses the contents. It works as intended. This gets the system back to functioning. You could say “We are BACK in business!” Things might be limping along, but they are working. Providing the nourishment cells need to repair is key in this stage. Unlike a wooden barrel, which cannot repair itself, our bodies have this fabulous ability. You know you are in this phase when you are “on the mend”. A Good guess for gage in this stage could be anywhere from 1-5; maybe higher even.
  1. Regenerate phase. This is the phase when the injured/damaged part of our body restores itself. This is when healthy cells replace those that have been damaged. Back to the barrel example, the damaged wooden boards would be switched out with new matching boards in this stage. The body is miraculous and given freedom from Toxins or parasites and provided with option nutrition, it will amaze us with its power to regenerate damaged tissue. On the optimum health scale, if you were in this stage, your health could be between 5-10
  1. Optimize Stage. This is the phase we all hope to reach. It is all about thriving, expansion and evolution to the highest possible expression. This is the “Thrive Stage”. This blows past the 10 on the 1-10 health scale. A whole new set of measurements and distinctions are needed when you reach this stage.

A huge congratulations to you, if this is where you are right now! How do you know you have made it to this point?