About Us

We started out in the Hemp Business years ago when we connected with a visionary group out in Eastern Canada. They were working on bringing hemp to the First Nations for help with the tribal opiate problems, soil remediation issues and new revenue opportunities. We still work with them today.

While we continue to work towards issues with government regulations there to make it possible for First Nations participation in the global Hemp industry, we also decided to dive into Hemp on our own.

We began growing with partner farmers down in California’s San Joaquin Valley. This was both painful and educational. From it we recognized that, as with most commodities, the farmer gets squeezed first and squeezed the hardest. With a couple small grows (< 40 acres) and a 200 acre grow under our belt, we began looking for ways to both equalize revenues and find opportunities for sustained income streams that we could re-direct to our farming efforts.

The number one thing we noticed was that deceptive cbd sales practices, contaminated and impure products as well as flat out lies as to quantity and quality that was happening in the retail cbd market was going to kill consumer demand and eventually the dwindling of the market and reach of this pretty amazing cannabinoid.

Instead of selling our harvested flower and biomass directly, we turned to a lab we knew and talked about how to combine what we were already doing with the cutting edge techniques and equipment they had. This is where ORAI Wellness Essentials was born.

We take high quality hemp from ours and other respected farms, put it into the lab and create an array of products. Most of these are for the commercial manufacturing segment, but the cbd isolate, distillate and isomeric products are what we began formulating our products with.

Our “DIY” Tincture kit is our first offering. We tried out various carrier oils and found MCT to be our favorite. No flavor, very very light on the tongue – we now use it for most of our salad dressings and for cooking – organic mct oil was the pick. FYI: cbd dissolves in alcohol/oil, not water.

We have 3 products in development right now and we think you are going to love them.

So who are we?

Jorie Jacober

The Boss

Jorie is a Sea Captain (blue water!), a Nurse, an Artist and an inspiration. From grow products (Ocean Harvest) to product ideas and formulations, Jorie is the driving force behind ORAI Wellness Essentials

Kelly Asay


Kelly as a professional musician, coder, and a helluva cook. Kelly helps turn ideas into reality while looking for new ways to improve and expand our efforts to stabilize the hemp industry and make sure our farmers are properly taken care of.

Delvin Armstrong


Delvin is a former semi-pro basketball player, a coach and an entrepreneur. Delvin handles commercial product sales

Jim Anderson


Jim is a former male dancer (yup), finance guru and entrepreneur. Jim handles raw materials procurement.