(By Dr. Edward Group)

We have been getting reports of a new wave of sickness that is coming from either the injection shedding, reactions to the shot or a new muted form of Covid.

Symptoms include: Nausea, fatigue, emotional rollercoaster, coughing – dry, no fever or low fever, stomach issues – not wanting to eat, pain and stiffness in legs, hips and calves, occasional headaches, brain fog, auto-immune, neurological issues, blood clotting, skin rashes, feeling tired in the afternoons, swelling of the eyes and face, oxygen depletion, strokes, menstrual issues, and not feeling like you can finish a workout.

Below is the 12-Day Recovery. To get these products, just click on the hyperlinks below.

  1. Floratrex (Pre- and Probiotic): Take three capsules, three times daily.
  2. Detoxadine (Organic Nascent Iodine): Take 4 full droppers (80 drops) by mouth 2x daily. Also rub 1 dropperful over the right lung and 1 dropperful over the left lung and apply 1 dropperful on both inner thighs 1x daily. Rub a small amount over the injection site 6x daily if you have received the injection.
  3. Organic Vitamin D: Take 20,000 IU twice daily.
  4. Organic Plant Based Zinc: Take 7mg 3x daily
  5. Organic Turmeric: Drink ¼ bottle 2x daily
  6. Veganzyme Enzymes: Take 3 capsules 1x daily between meals
  7. Plant-Based Quercetin Phytosome: Take 250mg 2x daily
  8. Mycozil (Candida & Flora Cleanse): Take 3 capsules 2x daily.
  9. Bio PQQ / CoQ10 / Shilajit: Take 2 capsules 2x daily. Protects the mitochondria and helps attack harmful organisms.
  10. Cuprous Nicotinic Acid (CU1):  1 capsule (.9mg) 2x daily in the morning and evening.
  11. Supercharged C60: – 10x more powerful than regular C60: Take 4 capsules, 2x daily.

For products, go to the OnlineHealingCenter.com