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Duck Life: Battle

The ducks are back, but this time they're angrier. Forget racing, now it's time to battle! Train your duck's power, health, defence, speed, and special attack abilities in 25 brand new mini games. Explore the world battling other ducks, entering tournaments and completing quests to become the greatest duck battler of all time. FEATURING: - Design your duck to look exactly how you want - A massive world with 6 areas to explore and plenty of ducks to talk to - 5 training dojos to find with 5 training games in each - Let your duck loose to fight over 40 battles - 100 different weapons and costumes to try out - Captivating music - Adorable characters - Outstanding graphics - Quests to complete and rewards to win - Online highscores, can you get an A+ rank in every training game??

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Developer Comments

It was pretty good. I'd give the gameplay and training a 10/10. I had an installing issue. But getting rid of the lite version worked. Only bad thing was that it needed more gameplay. I literally finished it in 2 days. And I don't want to clear my data and restart the game so I think that more gameplay is a must. Overall, 8/10. Error installing the game. Remove the demo before getting the full version. Fixed my issue. The demo was fine, my son played the game for a bit, the leveling was fun; clever mini games that get progressively harder. The music is awesome, really upbeat and i didn't find it a problem after a long time playing. Sometimes the game mechanics felt a little awkward, but don't detract from what is a good game overall. (Activating a special, for example, took ages to get right.) I love the gameplay, super addictive, only had three issues with the game, for some reason my inventory menu glitches out and morphs, I had to fight the famed mallord gang twice and got double loot and for some reason the Facebook key won't let me link up to Facebook which is quite disappointing. Overall a really solid game and installment, worth the money. Very good game but it is kind of boring if you are the champion because you don't have any battles to complete,even though you have tournaments . So I think you should add online play because all armor would not be useless. If you are all electric for example this will not be useless because there are a lot of people out there that fight with electric powers. ...

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